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7 Sticky Notes allows you to create reminders right on your desktop
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7 Sticky Notes lets you use notes to organize your life. By allowing you to create notes right on your computer’s desktop, this application will remind you of important tasks or data. It runs from the System Tray and can be set to start along with your system. Thus, most operations related to this software can be executed by clicking on the corresponding icon.

This application has a nice and intuitive interface, but perhaps you will find its operation a little more difficult than using Microsoft Sticky Notes, a program that is built in most Windows installations. However, 7 Sticky Notes includes some other features that can make it worth the extra effort. For instance, you can use themes to control the appearance of the notes by using different colors. The software also allows you to use formatted text. Finally, it lets you configure alarms that will pop up at a given time or after a definite period of time. The latter feature can also be used to shut down the computer automatically.

An important element of this program is the Notes Manager, which lets you organize your notes. You can use it to create multiple desktops, a feature that allows having various sets of notes. In addition, it includes a Recycle Bin from where deleted notes can be rescued. The Notes Manager can also help you share notes with other users or machines by exporting individual notes or the complete database. Moreover, you will also be able to print your notes from there.

In general, 7 Sticky Notes is a fine application with two different levels of difficulty. On the one hand, creating and editing notes is quite simple. On the other, managing and exporting notes is more difficult. Therefore, it is likely to satisfy not only beginners but also more experienced users.

Pedro Castro
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  • It allows text formatting.
  • It lets you share your notes.
  • It includes alarms.
  • It allows using various sets of notes


  • It is not as easy to use as Microsoft Sticky Notes.
  • It does not allow attaching media objects to the notes
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