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7 Sticky Notes allows you to create colorful notes for your desktop
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7 Sticky Notes is a program that recreates those sticky paper notes or post-it notes we commonly use as reminders. With this program, you can create fancy, colorful notes with a realistic look, and have them right on your desktop whenever you need them. You can use these stickies to write down pending activities, to-do lists, thoughts, or anything you need to remember.
Creating and customizing notes is a very straightforward task. And the program offers quite an impressive set of options for that. To start with, you can create an unlimited number of notes and organize them into categories or "desktops". You can drag and drop notes around your desktop, and resize them to any size you want. Each note can have a different look and style, as well as its own configuration.
Double-clicking on a note will activate the edit mode, enabling you to adjust your notes appearance; for example, you can choose a background color or a font for the text of your note (supports rich text formatting), choose whether you want to show a note title, insert bullets, keep important notes always on top, among other options. Likewise, it is possible to set alarms with sound for each note. At the set time, the note will show up playing the selected sound and showing a nice animation effect. The program also allows you to insert links to your notes.
7 Sticky Notes will place an icon on the system tray area making all its functions accessible from there. From that menu you can create new notes, view or hide your existing notes, switch desktops, or open the notes manager. The note manager will display a browser-like view of your notes, allowing you to organize items or restore the notes sent to the recycle bin. Extra features include shortcuts to access the program's basic actions, and the possibility to sync, back up, or restore the notes database.

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  • Nice-looking notes.
  • Notes can be easily resized.
  • Very complete app with lots of interesting features.
  • Easy to use and configure.
  • You can install a standard or a portable version


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